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5 Best Experiences when looking for Kayaking Near Me In Palm Beach

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Where can I go kayaking near me in Palm Beach County?

Kayak tours are a great way to literally jump into the best of Floridian nature feet first, but what you may not know is that these are not one-size-fits-all. Whether you want an easy cruise through gentle waters or a thrilling romp into unknown territory, there’s a kayak tour near you that is ready to take you there.

Not sure where to even start? We’re here to help you decide. Below, you’ll see five types of kayak tours near you, and what each one has to offer for you to make your trip the best yet.

What types of kayak tours are there near me?

If you type in “kayak tours near me” and scroll through the options, it can get a little bit overwhelming at first. How do you know where you want to go if you’ve never been before? What if you don’t even know how to kayak?

The good news is: you have options.

Daytime Guided Tour and Rental

This is probably the most basic and the most versatile packages of the kayak tours that you will see. They can be as eventful or casual as you choose.

There are kayak rental companies who rent the equipment separately, but some companies also offer kayak tours of all shapes and sizes, for the nautical novice to the kayaking kingpin. This can be a nice easy way to just get out on the water without stressing about all the extras.

The rates for this type of tour are often quoted per hour and usually include the rental equipment in the price. They’re intended to be a daytime activity, so you can enjoy your tour and still have time to go shopping, grab dinner, and soak up the nightlife.

If you go in the early mornings, you can enjoy the advantage of the cooler temperatures and quiet surroundings. Afternoons are great to soak up the best of the Sunshine State. See the sights, explore a new area, or watch the wildlife. The options are endless.

Guided Destination Tour:

But wait, I hear you say, if I’m picking a guided kayak tour near me, then I want to go somewhere, not paddle around aimlessly. Destination tours have you covered! Here, you can still enjoy the kayaking part of things, but you set out on a journey to a particular location.

Destination tours help you see the Florida mangroves and natural areas in their full glory, especially places that are slightly off the beaten path. This helps you get away from the city crowds and see the hidden jewels that Florida has to offer.

Popular destinations include:

Peanut Island: Located at the mouth of the Palm Beach Inlet, this 80-acre tropical island is actually man-made, but it is still rich in natural resources. This destination is a short 20-minute kayak ride away, but once you get there, you are immediately immersed in the rich history of the island. Your tour guides can tell you all the fascinating stories that have originated here, from how the island actually developed to JFK’s last hidden resort!

Audubon Island: Floating down the Intracoastal Waterway can get you to Audubon Island, another beautiful treasure of Palm Beach. This area is much more wild, which makes sense, since it is a designated bird sanctuary! You can certainly come just for the sights, but the actual attraction is the wildlife (which we’ll touch on later).

Munyon Island in MacArthur State Park: This lovely island sits in the stunning MacArthur State Park. It is named for James Munyon, a colorful character who constructed the five story hotel that used to stand on the south shore. The Hotel Hygeia has since burnt down, and the island itself was actually uninhabited for nearly 70 years until a major restoration project was launched by Palm Beach County in 1992.

The result? This island is a striking conglomeration of sordid history and beautiful nature. It’s truly a wild sight that’s hard to forget.

Lake Worth Lagoon: Not so interested in going to remote islands? There are even destination tours closer to home. For those who love to people-watch, you can take a guided tour down the Intracoastal Waterway to Lake Worth Lagoon, where the rows of luxury mansions fascinate passersby's every day.

Snorkeling and Swimming Tour

For those with a little more of a taste for adventure, you can turn that destination tour into a full-scale exploration! Snorkeling and swimming tours often go hand-in-hand with destination tours, because there tend to be a lot of people who want to get the full experience of these exotic and remote locations.

With snorkeling and swimming tours, you take a pitstop at these locations and explore them in further detail. Kayaking can get you to some beautiful and remote swimming holes that looks like they belong in a nature magazine. Once there, your guide can bring you to the spots that are most likely to have the most wildlife or the clearest water to take a dip.

The chance to see Florida’s tropical wildlife right in front of your face is an amazing opportunity. You can get up close and personal with the vibrant and diverse array of critters, like angelfish, lionfish, stingrays, parrotfish, manatees, loggerhead turtles, and more!

Popular destinations for these types of tours are Peanut Island and Audubon Island, so you can soak in the history and take a soak in the water. You don’t have to pick one or the other!

Sunset/Moonlight Tours

For those who prefer life after the sun sets, there is a special type of tour for you. While others are docking their boats at the end of the day you can hit the water for a sunset or sunset/moonlight tour.

The sights during the day during your kayak tour are already amazing, but at night, it is a whole other level. You can take in the gorgeous coral sky sunsets, often with the silhouettes of those beloved palm trees on the horizon. Once the sun goes down, you are paddling under a serene open sky, where you can often see endless stretches of stars and the calming moonlight above, which is sometimes even bright enough to light your way as you glide across the water.

You can beat the heat and the crowds with this type of tour, and I really cannot recommend it enough. It can be otherworldly and just plain unforgettable.

Eco Tours

Florida’s concrete jungle isn’t the only thing booming. The ecosystems here have been timelessly thriving, and kayaking is a great way to come into contact with critters of all shapes and sizes.

More often than not, your kayak tour will focus on seeing this beautiful wildlife in person, but some have special features to make that easier or more excitable. For those environmentalists at heart, these tours are a great way to get connected.

If your heart is set on seeing a manatee, you’re also in luck. You can find specific manatee viewing kayak tours that take you to the sea cows themselves. While you can get closer than you would be able to on your own, you also can rest assured that your guide will keep protective boundaries and safety protocols that keep both you and the manatees stress-free. (You may even get a happy manatee flipper right on the side of your kayak!)

The Kayak Cleanup tours are another way that environmentalists can give back to the community. Here, you get the fun of seeing the sights and kayaking down the river, but you also help keep the waterway litter free and beautiful for the next generation.

How to prepare for your kayak tour:

Alright, you’re thinking, I’m ready to find a kayak tour near what? If you have never been on a kayaking tour before, it can be a daunting task to pack for it. Don’t worry you do not need expensive, specialized gear to get the most out of this experience. Just call 1-561-541-6784 and make a reservation!

When you are packing your bag for the day, make sure to bring:

  • Waterproof bags or containers for your gear, especially for electronics!

  • Charge cords, power banks, extra batteries--keep your communication devices fully charged

  • Change of clothes--the Florida heat can be intimidating, but you will actually want to bring long sleeves shirts and pants. This can help prevent sunburn, keep the worst of the bugs off of you, and actually help keep you warm if you fall in to the water and need to preserve body heat.

  • Speaking of falling in--bring lots of layers of lightweight, water-resistant and heat-friendly clothing. You will want options in case the weather changes during the day.

  • Sunscreen for the intense reflection of the UV rays on the water

  • Mosquito repellant--keep these pesky biters off your skin and out of mind.

  • Sunglasses

  • Comfortable shoes, preferably waterproof

Other considerations for kayaking near me:

This all sounds easy enough, right? Well hold on, there are a few other things to remember:

  • Make reservations well in advance--AT LEAST 24 hours, although preferably more. Spots can fill up fast!

  • Try to prepare for weather--ask your rental company about the best times, including temperature and tides.

  • Make sure your physical stamina is up to the task--kayaking is relatively low-impact, but it can be a lot of work. Prepare yourself as much as possible with plenty of cardio and strength-training to build up your endurance.

  • If you are nervous, familiarize yourself with safety procedures before you are on the water (for example, what to do if you accidentally flip over). Some of the actual survival techniques may surprise you. Your rental company will go through an orientation (especially for first time paddlers), but doing some research beforehand can help you arrive on the water with confidence.

Ready to grab your kayak paddles?

Guided kayaking tours are a truly unique experience that you have to try at least once in your lifetime. Your tour may look different than your neighbors, but no matter what, you will come away with a deeper appreciation of Florida, its wildlife, and your role in it.

What kind of kayak tours have you taken before? Any that we missed, or any that you existed?

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