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Sunset/Moonlight Tours & Paddle-Board Workouts

PaddleAwaySports offers tours, workouts and yoga for our customers to enjoy. Experience paddle-boarding and kayaking in a whole new way by joining us for a Sunset/Moonlight Tour, a Snorkel Tour, our Board Burn Class or our Board Yoga Class.

Sunset/Moonlight Kayak or Paddle-Board Eco-Tour

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Come join us for a Sunset/Moonlight Kayak or Paddle-board Eco-Tour. Bring your friends and family to enjoy paddle-boarding and kayaking as the sun sets into a full moonlit sky.

Navigating your kayak or paddle-board by moonlight is a special experience you won't soon forget. This unique tour offers you a grand view of the sun setting and the moon rising into the night's starry sky. The atmosphere is peaceful, calming and spectacular.

We paddle along leisurely while admiring the moon's silvery light reflecting off the water's surface. When the moon is full, it is well lit, so navigating is fun and easy, especially if it is a clear night.

The tour begins about 45 minutes to an hour prior to the sun setting. We also offer privately guided tours. Please note that you must book a paddle- boarding or kayaking tour 24 hours in advance. Contact us to learn more.

Peanut Island Sunset Kayak/Snorkel Tour

Experience the GEM of our tours with our Peanut Island Kayak/Snorkel Tour (available for your convenience as a daytime excursion as well). We start with a 20-minute kayak paddle over to Peanut Island located right here in sunny south Florida's backyard. Peanut Island is a top snorkeling destination for locals and tourists alike. Experience a little piece of this unique and beautiful environment. Immerse yourself in schools of fish and see an array of bright, colorful, exotic tropical fish and marine life such as Angel Fish, Lion Fish, Parrot Fish, Stingrays, Manatees, Loggerhead Turtles and more! You won't be disappointed with this fun and exciting adventure! As one guest described it “it’s like swimming in a fish tank”. The total time for this excursion is about 3 1/2 hours which includes 30 minutes for our guests to take care of some quick paperwork, sizing of equipment and about three hours on the water.



Audubon Island Kayak & Snorkel Eco-Tour


Sign up the whole family for a unique Audubon Island Kayak & Snorkel Eco-Tour. Times for this tour will vary based on the tide schedule. We’ll start by navigating our way across the Intracoastal and eventually anchor our kayaks off the northern tip of Audubon Island, a designated bird sanctuary. We will gear up into our snorkeling equipment which includes our state-of-the-art full-face snorkel masks (with traditional snorkel masks available upon request), fins and a snorkel vest for safety.

After a short swim, we’ll enter a lagoon, dubbed by a young guest as “Alligator Ally”, don’t worry no alligators here. The lagoon cuts through the center of Audubon Island and eventually leads us to a beautiful swimming area we like to call the swimming pool. The lagoon feeds into an inlet which leads out into the ocean and creates a sort of estuary where juvenile fish tend to congregate in the roots and the rocks hiding from predators like Snook, Amberjack and other larger predatory fish. The usual suspects include juvenile Toadfish, Mangrove Snappers, Porcupine Puffers and Horseshoe Crabs.


Enjoy this unique experience morning, afternoon or evening based on the tide schedule. Four times a month we are to able offer this tour as a Audubon Island Sunset Kayak & Snorkel Eco-Tour as this tour is tide specific. The total time of this excursion takes approximately two and a half hours which includes about 30 minutes for our guests to take care of some quick paperwork, sizing of equipment and about two hours on the water.

Board Yoga Class and Sunset/Moonlight Board Yoga Class

Board Yoga Class and Sunset/Moonlight Board Yoga Class

Need to clear your mind after a busy week? Then come join PaddleAwaySports with one of our Board-Certified Yoga instructors for a unique yoga experience. Participants should arrive no later than 8:45 AM for our morning Board Yoga Class to complete all necessary paperwork. The class starts at 9:00 AM with a 30-minute warm-up paddle to the east side of the Intercoastal and depending on the wind direction and the direction that the water’s currents are moving you will be heading to one of two destinations.

Destination A is a sandbar due north of our Bird Sanctuary Trail next to an island called Audubon Island or to destination B, a quiet little cove located right off Ocean Inlet Park. The class is an hour long and then we finish with a 30-minute meditation/paddle back to the launch site. Once a month we conduct this class as a Sunset/Moonlight Yoga Class. Try this class out once and you’re hooked! Enjoy the serenity of our yoga class while taking in Florida’s breathtaking coral sky sunset followed by the full moon rising slowly above the trees.


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